. . . . Observing and investigating phenomenon —






and periodicity.

This is how I describe my work.

Alvey is a multi-media artist who uses paint, industrial materials, found objects,  light and sound technique in the creation of her work.   Alvey’s sculptural work is included in the University of Utah's Museum of Fine Art and in Salt Lake County’s permanent art collections.  Alvey She was a recipient of the Salt Lake City, Mayors Awards in 2011 and by Artists of Utah, 15-Bytes as one of Utah's Most Influential Artists in 2013

 My work represents a slipping glimpse or a lateral perception that I bring to the surface of my senses and record it on canvas or in three dimension.  Art brings seemingly isolated events into a larger pattern. I have found refuge, release and insight there. For me, art is the process of letting go of what you think you know. 

I’m intrigued by Emergent phenomenon: the process of observing self regulating patterns in non-linear systems such as:behavior of crowds, movement of water or flame, weather, swarms of bees,  politics, collections of objects or just the collection of choices in one’s own life.


Alvey is a multimedia artist utilizing paint, assemblage, sculpture, collaboration and performance in the creation of her work. I observe the pattern and connection between complex global systems that affect local changes in our daily lives. Alvey has exhibited in significant one-person and group shows including Out of the Land, which traveled to The National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington, DC. Toaster Worship, Alvey’s sculptural piece included in this national exhibit is now at the Museum of Fine Art, University of Utah as part of their permanent collection.

            Alvey has been included in both editions of Artists of Utah written by Robert S. Olpin, William C. Seifrit, and Vern Swanson. Trent’s work is also included in Utah Artists Project/ J. Williard Marriott Library’s (University of Utah) digitized collections of selected Utah artists. She was given a Mayors Award recently and chosen as one of Utah 15 Most Influential Artist’s by Artists of Utah Organization.

My work allows me great flexibility to explore my hypothesis through art, using pattern, process and concept to record my own glimpses of the world. I will continue to focus on global issues such as climate change and its effect on culture, extinctions and mass migrations of people and animals due to war and climate, nuclear issues and the legacy of the mid century open air testing and of nuclear power. Art is my platform for observing, teaching and initiating change.

Awards and Acknowledgements

2012 — Awarded a Mayors Award in the Arts: Fine Art

2013 — Chosen as one of Utah’s 15 Most Influential Artists by 15 Bytes /Artist of Utah Org

2009 – present —Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, trustee, facilitating new programs to

empower local artists

Public Collections

2009 — Salt Lake County Art Collection: Shelf Life: Preserving Artifacts

An installation of 36 Mason Jars containing artifacts

2007 — University of Utah, Museum of Fine Art – permanent collection: Toaster Worship, An

 assemblage featuring a 50's toy mother rotating on a stack of toast under an arc of neon.

Public Art Commissions and Grants

2009/10 — Central City Recreation Center, Salt Lake County, 100 foot long mural

2007—Art Collective: 337 Project.  150 artists paid to completed 3-D art installation and aerosol

paintings in house scheduled to be torn down

2009, 10, 11 —Project Grant, awarded by SLC Arts Council for special sound/ installation

2010— Brolley Arts Foundation, grant for a sound and Water Installation, Water Music, installed

at Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center

Interviews and Articles

2013— Creator Destroyer: Splitting the Plutonium Atom, installation at Brigham Young University, Musuem of Art:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKFtJ58q30Q

2013—Pathos of Plants: Work To Do installation at Brigham Young Museum of Art —by Get Stakerized:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyQpYMSoIqU

2013—Shelf Preservation: Work To Do, Brigham Young Museum of Art: by Get Stakerized http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDrojg-y9lI

2012Trent Alvey: "Synchronicity" - Salt Lake City Weekly- Science/Art Installation at The Leonardo, during Salt Lake Arts Festival –

2012— Traveling with Artist Trent Alvey – Foster Art Program, written Juliette Foster. http://fosterartprogramblog.org/2012/05/24/traveling-with-artist-trent-alvey-understanding-universality/

2011Out of Africa: Kids find hope genocide - The Salt Lake Tribune


2011—KUER Radio interview— http://kuer.org/post/ugandan-children-find-joy-art-project - an interview by Jenny Brundin about my Childrens Art Project in Uganda and fundraiser in SLC

2008Portrait of an Unlikely Friendship – about Alvey and her mentoring of a young

Namibian (Africa) artistSalt Lake Tribune, Julie Checkoway,

2007. EXPOSED: the Art Exhibit , Catalyst Magazine, exhibit curated by Alvey, exploring the legacy of atomic testing

2007 — Art Scape – Salt Lake Magazine, biography of Alvey by Tessa Woolf

2011 Video— KUER interview by Jenny Brundin: Ugandan Childrens Art Project, http://kuer.org/post/ugandan-children-find-joy-art-project

2007 Video— Tribal Portrait, Google Video, SLC Library,

2008 Video—  After Image: The Art of 337 — Video and book, documenting 337 Project in SLC


Teaching and Writing

2013—Artist workshop with women and girls, Brigham Young University

2010-2013—Westminster College of SLC, Alumni Mentoring Program

2009—Teaching Teen and Adult Art Workshops, Art Access Gallery

2007 - 2011—Teaching: 2007 – 2011 - Partners Art Program, Art Access Gallery

2011— Writing: Uganda Children’s Art Project: Firefly Dolls. Essay and NPR, Radio Interview.


1975-1978 —Salt Lake Community College, Associates of Art and Design

1982-86 — Westminster College of SLC, BFA Art and Communications

2010, 13—Workshops – Salt Grass Printmakers, University of Utah

2006-08—Helper Art School, dormitory style immersion for four week sessions

Solo Exhibition History: Salt Lake City, Utah unless otherwise stated

2012 —SYNCHRONICITY: Exploring Our City Creeks, A science and art installation at The

Leonardo Science Center. I did a demonstration of synchronicity and talked about our water sources with the aid of a large GPS map of Salt Lake County.

2011— UGANDA CHILDREN'S PROJECT-15th Street Gallery, Exhibition and Fundraiser for

Ugandan Orphanage. Through a project I completed with children in Uganda, the sale of Fetish Dolls and my drawings of the fetishes raised over $5000.

2011— Sacred Geometry, exhibit of paintings, Finch Lane Gallery

2008 —Shelf Life: Preserving Artifacts, Art Access Gallery, curated exhibit of 30 artists. An

installation of 3 dozen canning jars filled with artifacts, collected by SL County.

2007, 2006 – Phillips Gallery – Circular Memory, Propensity for Repetition installation

2007- Salt Lake City Main Library – Tribal Portrait: Beauty and Brutality,

2005 - Kimball Art Center, Between Heaven and Earth - Park City, Utah

Group Exhibition History: Salt Lake City, Utah unless otherwise stated:

Current — WORK TO DO, Brigham Young University Museum of Art, Ut four

 installation projects.

Current — Utah Statewide Exhibition, Rio Gallery, mixed media installation , Breeding Pair

2012 — Trent Goes Bowling, Central Utah Art Center, Video Installation


2012 —The Year of the Rabbit: featuring broken mirror glass in the shape of a rabbit. Derivative

of Robert Smithson's work Continent of Atlantis

2008 —Neighborhood House – Community Collaboration – Prayer Flags installed

2008 – Salt Lake Art Center —Present Tense: a post 337 exhibit -Urban Artifact: 210 jars

2007 —337 Project – 150 artists collaborate on art for a building scheduled for demolition

http://www.337project.org/ Video: After Image: The Art of 337.

1992 – Out of the Land,  National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington DC


2012 — Claudia Sisemore and Friends, Rio Grande Depot, over 45 artists - living and deceased-

            in a tribute to Painter, Filmmaker and Artist Claudia Sisemore.

2007 – Curation: The Pickle Company — EXPOSED The Legacy of Nuclear Testing In

conjunction with Mary Dickson's play "Exposed". Large scale installations by 20 artists,

 including film, dance and performance.

2008 —Shelf Life: Preserving Artifacts, Art Access Gallery, curated exhibit of 30 artists

who each painted an artifact jar.

World Travel: In conjunction with Round River Conservation Studies, as co-founder of

nonprofit organization:

Uganda 2011: completed art project with children/visited critically endangered Mountain Gorillas

Namibia 2009: observe endangered Black Rhinos and Desert Elephant research

British Columbia: working with Tlingit First Nations People / observe Grizzly Bears.

Botswana 1999- present: Elephants, Sans culture and lands of the Central Kalahari